Commando Premier Sheer Pantyhose with Back Seam



Luxurious sheer legs with a sassy and
sophisticated back seam and commando's dig-free waistband. Introducing
Commando legwear, a liberating combination of commando's signature
laser-cut, dig-free waistband and super-premium legwear. Set yourself
free from waistbands that bind and tights that are too tight. Finally,
legwear that shows off your waistline and not the line around your
Back seam styling provides a sexy look.
Commando's patent-pending luxury legwear gives you a smooth silhouette and room to breathe.
Laser-cut stretch waistband lies flat and won't dig in.
Seamed, sandalfoot toes for fit flexibility.
Cotton crotch enables you to wear these pantyhose as your underwear, eliminating panty lines.
Tagless to prevent skin irritation and chafing.
Made in USA.

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