Coobie Comfort Strapless Bandeau Padded Bra



Coobie Strapless Bandeau with no straps - perfect for everydayRemovable pad in matching colorBlows the other tube bras
out of the water!

Nothing compares to this great strapless braDon't be fooled by other
tubes that have no pad, no shelf, no support & no shape! This is the
strapless bra for you! All Coobie seamless bras are one size and
comfortably fit 32A thru 36C - they really do fit almost every body! Many
folks larger then 36C wear them and love them too!Best to remove pads for washing - wash in cold water on
delicate cycle or by hand. Makes the most wonderful sleeping topCoobies are great for tweens,
teens, college girls, moms and basically everyone from 12 to 60+! These little items are so comfortable, you MUST try one to believe it

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