Fashion Essentials Lasting Care Gentle Washing Powder

Fashion Essentials


Prolongs the color and beauty of fine fabrics, helps maintain fabric elasticity, prevents graying. Gentle washing powder is specially formulated to bring out the best in fine fabrics, whether you hand or machine washLasting Care can be used to wash all delicates and fabrics: lingerie & hosiery, silk, wool, cotton, swimwear and lycra䋢 active wearThe unique biodegradable citric base rinses easily without leaving a residue on fabric fibersAs a result, it prevents yellowing and will even remove residue from previous washing or dry cleaningRegular use improves the condition and life span of all fabricsLasting Care is comprised of 100% active ingredients, there are no bulk fillersA little will go a long way, which makes Lasting Care the best investment you can make for your clothesLasting Care is ideal for cool water washingBiodegradable & works in High Efficiency machines.

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