Petite Plume Luxe Pima Sonnet of Swan Pajama Set #PWPJSW


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This exquisite print artfully reimagines a swan motif against a rich teal backdrop. The delicate depiction of a swan is a nod to the enchanting women who adorned Truman Capote's life and inspired his creative genius. The fluid lines and serene presence of this majestic creature will lend an air of beauty to your nights.

At the tippy top of the cotton jersey pecking order is 100% Peruvian Pima cotton. Our Pima Collection is sewn from this exquisite fabric: luxurious, supple jersey knit pajamas that drape beautifully and continue to soften with each washing. Buttery and smooth, yet breathable, this collection is destined to become a fixture of your soothing bedtime ritual.

Curl up in luxury and slip off to dreamland. Bonne nuit.