Fit Tips/Advice

Finding the Perfect Bra

At In the Mood Intimates we want you to be comfortable and choose the right fitting bra. We stock a large range of styles and sizes so you are bound to find the right bra for you. But before you order, measure yourself to make sure that you are ordering the right size, and if the bra does not fit perfectly when you receive it, we will exchange it for another size or give you a full refund.

Measuring Yourself

Bra sizes are made up of two components:

An even number that represents the back size (32, 34, 36, etc.) determined by the size of the torso. (see Figure 1, line A)

A letter that indicates the cup size (A, B, C, etc.) determined by the size of the breast itself. (see Figure 1, line B)Important Note: Always measure while wearing your own best fitting bra.

To determine the back size:

Torso measurement: Have someone stand at your side and bring a tape measure snugly around your ribcage, directly under the breast (see A in figure above)

To determine the cup size

Breast measurement: Have someone stand by your side and bring a tape measure loosely around the fullest part of the bust (see B in figure above).Subtract the back size from this measurement (ie. if "B" is 37" and the back size ("A") was 34, the difference is 3").

Sizing Checklist

A correctly sized band will fit firmly around your back, where most of the support is. The back and front of the band should be even and parallel to the floor.

The cups should be large enough so that your breasts are encased and don't bulge out. If it is an underwire bra, make sure the underwires aren't poking breast tissue.

Fabric Panel
The best fit is when the fabric panel between the cups sits firmly against your chest (sternum), although with some makes and styles, this won't be exact.

The breasts should not spill out or bulge from the cups on any bra.

A bra should not leave any deep marks or lines on the body after prolonged wear.

Please note, Italian sizes are equivalent to US sizes as follows:

1 = Petite
2 = Small
3 = Medium
4 = Large
5 = Extra Large