What our Customers are Saying

Here are some comments from our customers:

9/2/20 via email:

Thanks! That was the best bra buying experience I've ever had! Even with the "G" and all! - SR

9/1/20 via email:

Thank you! We will be back. My 13 year old suddenly found herself not fitting into any of her bras and she had a terrific experience and got exactly what she needed. - A

8/29/20 via email:

I’m so glad I finally made it in! Have been hearing great things for so long 😊. Erin was such a HUGE help. -- SS

8/28/20 via email:

I appreciate all the help - still can't believe I have been wearing the wrong size for DECADES :) Look forward to seeing you again soon. --CM

8/24/20 via email:

You have a great store! Would recommend you to my friends/family. - EG

8/7/20 via email:

Thanks so much for your help, seriously! I’m so glad I found your shop. I will definitely be back xo - ST

8/3/20 via email:

You are welcome and thank you for giving me a lift. LOL ( in my new bras) Nicole was SOOOOOOO helpful to me. She really spent a lot of time helping me to find the right bra. Kudos to her. --JS

7/28/20 via email:

Thank you for helping my daughter...with her first real bra. She loves what you found for her. Be in soon enough for myself! - HH

7/22/20 via email:

Thank you for all of your help yesterday! I love my new purchases - CS

7/20/20 via email:

That was very nice of you! I will definitely be shopping with your store again!
😋😋😋 - CC

7/16/20 via email:

NIce to hear from you Karen.  I had a great time in your shop. Nicole was wonderful to work with and I am in love with my new bras.  I am glad you are making it through this crazy time. -RH

7/2/20 via email:

I wore one of my new bras yesterday and LOVED it !!! I’ll continue to spread the word of how great you are !!  Thank you so much for your help! - MG


6/22/20 via email:

Thank you for making our experience wonderful ☺️!!!! - AC


6/12/20 via email:

Sweet of you to email. Our exchange has made the experience of shopping with you quite pleasant. It's rare to experience the personality behind a retail website. A true plus, in my book! - LH

12/20/19 via email:

Thank you so much for your help yesterday. I am very happy with my purchase . - SW

It was so nice to meet you earlier this week and your store is amazing! I will definitely be back to do more shopping upon my return from Florida in the spring. 
Thanks for all of your help with the Christmas designs on the thongs. So far, they have been a huge hit! I only have one more to give away. - S


11/20/19 via email:

Hi! I got the package and love the bra! Thanks again :) - SM

11/19/19 via email:

Thank you for the e-mail. I love my new bras! You were extremely helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to help me on Sunday. - JT
Thank you for all of your help! I've already told my husband about the pjs I want! LOL
I will be back🤗 -LD

11/14/19 via Instagram:

Just want to thank you for a fabulous experience last week. I came in and got fitted for a running bra! Hooray! These ladies really know the art of fitting a bra. This type of service is not available in too many places these days. I feel like a new woman!

10/31 via Email:

Thank you! This is the most comfortable bra ever Worn. I appreciate your help and patience with my little girls in the store I’ll be back! - J

10/10 via Email:

You are so welcome Karen! You all made it so easy and fun and I look forward to coming back and getting bras that fit me correctly and get some cozy pj’s!

With Gratitude, C

10/1 via Email:

Hi Karen - It was great to meet you last Friday and thank you for making my shopping experience enjoyable.  You made me feel very welcomed and most of all comfortable.  I'm enjoying what I purchased and will definitely be back to see you in the very near future.

Have a wonderful day.   
Best, SZ


9/19/19 via email:

Well, thank you very much. I appreciate your email, and also the great service I had yesterday. Much as I dread shopping for underwear, wishing I was a more perfect size, etc. it can be stressful. However, I almost enjoyed it and I’m sporting my new comfortable goods as we speak, feeling more together, so I thank you so much.
Sincerely, JS

 8/8/19 via email:

It is a pleasure to have proper help getting fitted. I appreciate that you
have much to choose from. - J

Thank you so much for the help. I am so excited to wear all my new items. Such a great experience thanks to you and your girls 😘😘 - H
This note was beyond thoughtful and very much appreciated! I told my sister-in-law and some friends about your sale - hopefully they’ll be able to come by this week. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in purchasing the bras. I will definitely be back. - K
Thank you for your nice note. I can’t wait to bring my daughter in to see you! Have a great weekend with your friends!! - N
Nicole provided amazing, outstanding customer service from the moment I stepped for in your boutique. I will definitely be back and will pass along the good word. -D
I love your store! Just moved to the area and this is my go to for bras, etc. it’s always been a challenge finding bras for my large chest! Now problem solved! I might stop by for some mother’s day gifts this weekend. -V


I had a life changing moment in your adorable store yesterday with Nicole. 
Not only was she fabulous and so helpful, but I loved that she didnt believe me when I told her what size I wear! Lol!!! She brought me what I thought I was and was wearing, than she measured me. Wow!!! I walked in your store a 36C and walked out wearing and purchasing  32DD-E/F! Can I just say wow again! 
I walked out of your store feeling like I just had the cheapest best boob job ever! My bras are gorgeous! The service was truly fun, warm and wonderful! I can't say enough about Nicole! 
I have lived in Fairfield for 13 years.  Not sure how long you have been around, but never found my way into your store.  Honestly speaking have always just found my way to Lord & Taylor when buying bras. After yesterday's wonderful experience. You have tons of beautiful inventory. You will definitely be seeing me again!!! I actually have to pick up my order when it gets there! 
Thanks so much for the amazing personal service!! Your little shop is a hidden gem! -- JL
You are quite welcome and the help I received tracking down those items was customer service at it’s finest!
I truly hope your exemplary attention to detail and customer satisfaction will make you a Fairfield institution!
Many thanks, ds