A Perfect Fit: The Secret to Your Bra Size

March 20, 2020

We see it every day in our store. A customer comes in and believes she is a C cup. After a brief discussion about the types of bras they are looking for, we ask if they would like to come into the dressing room for a fitting. After a brief measurement and a bra to fit them in, the customer feels good about the support and shape the new bra is giving her. Then they find out the size… “I am what! I can’t be a D, DD, DDD or more cup. I have been a C cup all my life!”

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Incredible Women

August 23, 2019

We have so many strong fantastic business women in this town. They are supportive, encouraging, empowering and unbelievably creative. These are the type of women that I love to surround myself with. Recently I was given the opportunity to create with some of these unbelievable women in a Fairfield Magazine article called Girl Power. (September/October 2019 edition). These women were incredible

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Feeling Naked

August 16, 2019

Over the course of your life, your breasts will change. Believe it or not your breast size and shape change about 6 times in your life. As the size and shape of your breasts change, so should the style of bra you are wearing. However, besides nursing bras, most women stick with one style of bra their whole lives.

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Vanity Sizing

August 09, 2019

Vanity sizing has become quite popular in the fashion industry. Large fashion companies are purposely changing how things are sized, so much so, many customers come into our store not knowing what their true size is. Fortunately for them, we have a fantastic staff that is able to help them figure out what size they truly are in loungewear, underwear, or shapewear. However what about bra sizing? Is there such a thing about vanity sizing for bras? There are 3 different things going on in the bra industry.

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A Trip To Italy Through Lingerie - A Review of Cosabella

August 02, 2019

I just can’t say enough good things about Cosabella. We absolutely love when Cosabella’s sales rep, Johanna, comes to visit. When she shows us the new items for the season, we feel like it is Christmas morning. I wish I could buy one of everything for the store (and for me too!) but there is only so much space in the store (and my closet).

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The Back Fat Crisis (BFC)

July 26, 2019

I am sure you have all thought it, “I can’t stand when a bra is tight because my ‘back fat’ will show”. In an effort to correct the back fat, you wear the wrong size bra to make sure you have a smooth back. However, do you ever look at the front of you after that? You have boobs that are down by your waist or hanging to the sides. This makes you look fuller, not to mention, all the strain you are putting on your shoulders and breast tissue. So you solved the problem of back fat but you created many other issues. Pain and suffering for the benefit of a smooth back is not the answer.

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Being Patient

July 19, 2019

Come join me on my journey through the patience and being a bra fitter....

"....I stopped body shaming myself when my daughter was born. I love my body and all the bumps and lumps that come with it. They make me who I am and I am proud of it. Now, more than ever, I feel that I need to teach our customers that they are beautiful. Patience...."

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