A Trip To Italy Through Lingerie - A Review of Cosabella

August 02, 2019

I just can’t say enough good things about Cosabella. We absolutely love when Cosabella’s sales rep, Johanna, comes to visit. When she shows us the new items for the season, we feel like it is Christmas morning. I wish I could buy one of everything for the store (and for me too!) but there is only so much space in the store (and my closet).

Cosabella is a family owned company that has manufacturing facilities across Italy. They always blend Italian artisanship with fashion forward innovations. Cosabella has been in business since 1983 and all of their designs have a timeless appeal. They are proud that everything they design and produce is steep in Italian heritage. The Italian manufacturing process makes for an unbelievable quality, softness, and color. It makes anyone feel feminine and empowered.

We sell many different styles from Cosabella in our store and even more online. I personally wear many of their lingerie and loungewear pieces. Every time I wear a Cosabella item, I feel transported back to my trips to Italy. When I wear a Cosabella piece it makes me feel more confident.

My favorite bra is the Curvy Bralette. I can’t say enough about this bralette and I believe that everyone with a fuller chest should own one. This is the first bralette that I have been able to wear that is supportive and comfortable, especially during the summer months. On a recent trip to Florida this summer, I only brought 1 conventional bra and 5 curvy bralettes. They were perfect for the heat and humidity. There are some copycat “curvy bralettes” out there but they just can’t compare with the design, colors, fashion, and support of a Cosabella Curvy Bralette. When we bring these into the dressing room, customers sometimes hesitate to try it on, but once they do they are sold. In fact, they keep coming back for more each season because they are so much in love with them.

Cosabella has many collections but I just want to tell you about a couple that I am in love with and recommend. Their classic Soire collection has the perfect undies and layering pieces. This was one of their first collections and many customers know it by name. The Never Say Never collection is available in in every intimate apparel style imaginable. This luxurious lace is available in every color too. The Pret-A-Porter collection never disappoints. It is a two-tone lace that looks good in intimate apparel, layering pieces (camisoles and bodysuits) and loungewear. The Rosie collection is beyond extraordinary and perfect for those special occasions. Also, this Fall season we are in love with the Wildflower collection. The romper, bodysuit, and bralette are fashion forward and look stunning on everyone.

If you have not tried Cosabella, come in and talk to us about them. You will not be disappointed with the quality and workmanship of these garments. Get one piece from them and I promise you will be wanting more (and maybe a trip to Italy too!).



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