Incredible Women

August 23, 2019

We have so many strong fantastic business women in this town. They are supportive, encouraging, empowering and unbelievably creative. These are the type of women that I love to surround myself with. Recently I was given the opportunity to create with some of these unbelievable women in a Fairfield Magazine article called Girl Power. (September/October 2019 edition). These women were incredible! 

Lachers Reese is an incredibly talented hair stylist. She actually squeezed me into her very busy schedule that day to totally change my look (which I got complements on all day). Lachers and I talked while she was styling my hair. We talked about being small business owners and the activities that are involved with maintaining a business. Lachers offered some wonderful words of strength and gratitude. I never thought of things the way that she did and talking to her was a revelation. Thank you Lachers.

Nikki Medina, THE makeup master, had such a beautiful smile on her face as she told me and others how she got into the makeup business. She is a beacon of persuasive and hard work. It was an inspiration to hear how she grew her business. It gave me renewed energy to inspire others. Thank you Nikki.

Renee Macisco, my wonderful model, we started out as Instagram friends, then a customer, and now a true friend. When I reached out to Renee to ask her to be my model, she did not even hesitate to say yes. It can be scary to model lingerie for a magazine in the town you live in, but Renee did it with grace, beauty and a fantastic smile. I could not have asked for a better person to represent my business for this article. Check out Renee on Instagram @18thstyle for truly uplifting posts on life. Thank you Renee.

Robin Phillips and Camille Giacomazza, who have been supportive of my business from the beginning, I just can’t say enough about both of these empowering women. Both of you encourage me and help me grow my business with great ideas and introducing me to other successful small businesses in town. I could not feel prouder to have the two of you in my corner. Thank you Robin and Camille.\

Of course a big thank you to the two interns, Katie and Caroline for moving all the furniture around the store so that the photographer, Ryan, could get the shots he needed to make the photos come to life. 

It was a honor, joy and a learning experience to be involved with these strong, powerful, and supportive women. I am very lucky to have met each one of you and I am a more successful woman because of all of you.



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