Feeling Naked

August 16, 2019

Over the course of your life, your breasts will change. Believe it or not your breast size and shape change about 6 times in your life. As the size and shape of your breasts change, so should the style of bra you are wearing. However, besides nursing bras, most women stick with one style of bra their whole lives.

Most women lean towards a favorite bra. There is unlined or lined, demi or full coverage, underwire or wirefree, and many others. Depending on if your breasts are large or small, close together or farther apart, or one larger than the other, we get comfortable with a particular style. I was definitely one of those women. Before I entered the bra industry, I bought a demi bra that was lined. That is ALL I wore and did not deviate from that style. I even bought the same brand every year so I did not have to think about even buying a different style.

Being a bra fitter and seeing many different breast shapes, I now understand the importance of the all the styles we sell in the store. On top of large or small, close or father apart, and one bigger than the other, we have the added benefit of breast tissue. Breast tissue, along with weight, is the biggest impact on breast sizing. Breast tissue can cause sagging, tubular, swooping, and curved breasts.

When we are younger our breast tissue is firm, but as we age the breast tissue “break” down and these issues set in. When this starts to happen, there is a need for different styles of bras. Most of the bras that we sell in our store are lined. Lined bras or t-shirt bras are great for certain cup sizes and types of breasts. They are predominately chosen because they are smooth under shirts and have the added benefit of nipple concealment. When you have sagging, tubular, swooping or curved breasts, unlined bras are a better fit. However, getting over the mindset of “this is the only style that I will buy” is hard.

Recently, we had a women in the store that only wore lined bras. She was having many issues with her preferred style of bras due to the changes in her breasts. We offered up some options in the unlined section. She started trying them on and there was no gapping in the cups and they lifted her up and she appeared thinner. She was amazed! We were even able to give her some color options, which thrilled her even more. When it was time to make a decision on which bra she was going to purchase, she came out of the dressing with a LINED bra! Yes, a lined bra. I was in disbelief! The bra she chose had minimal gaps but did not do what the unlined bras did for lift and support. I asked her if she was sure that she wanted to purchase this one because I thought the other bras fit better. She appreciated my opinion but she said that she “felt naked” in the unlined bras because she never wore them. I took a deep breath because I understand how hard of an adjustment it is to switch styles and said that she had to feel comfortable with what she was wearing and if she wanted to come back and try again in the future we are here.

I personally do not feel that wearing an unlined bra feels naked. In fact, I feel any bra that does not fit correctly makes you feel naked. If you have a bra that is not supportive, that should feel naked. If you have gapping in your cups or your bra straps are falling constantly, you should feel naked. If you are wearing a supportive unlined bra that fits correctly then you should not feel naked. You are supported, lifted and confident! Deep breaths, patience is a process.



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