A Perfect Fit: The Secret to Your Bra Size

March 20, 2020

We see it every day in our store. A customer comes in and believes she is a C cup. After a brief discussion about the types of bras they are looking for, we ask if they would like to come into the dressing room for a fitting. After a brief measurement and a bra to fit them in, the customer feels good about the support and shape the new bra is giving her. Then they find out the size… “I am what! I can’t be a D, DD, DDD or more cup. I have been a C cup all my life!”

Yes, you can be that size because there is no such thing as a cup size! Yes, mind blown! This is the one essential piece in the bra-fit equation that is rarely explained to women but will unlock any misunderstanding you have about the fitting process.

  • Bra size is comprised of two components: the band and the cup.
  • They are not independent they’re INTERRELATED! Band dictates the cup size. Cup size is not universal.

A woman with a tiny rib cage could wear a 30DD and would never match anyone’s preconceived notion of what a DD sized chest looks like. Most women believe they are a smaller cup size and a larger band. However in almost all instances, women are larger in the cup size and smaller in the band. If you are wearing a larger band size it is like wearing a shoe size that is too big. You would never do that, so why would you do it with your bra size.

Now it is time for your public service announcement on the dreaded subject of “back fat”. Some women will choose to wear a bra that is too loose because they want to avoid “back fat”. However the fact is, that when the band is firm, anchored and horizontal it will create the smallest amount of visible lump in your back tissue and will support your breasts. If you have ever been fitted by us you will hear us say that no matter what your size, you will always have extra back tissue. You should wear the right size bra and forget about it. If a friend mentions your back tissue then maybe you should reconsider them as a friend. The only person focused on your back is you. Focus on your fab new look with your great new bra instead of your back, that is what everyone else is looking at anyway.

Your breasts will change 6+ times over the course of your life. Weight is the primary reason for the change but there are also other life changing reasons. You should check your bra size periodically to make sure you are still wearing the correct size.

When should you get rid of a bra? Industry standards say 6 to 12 months depending on how many bras you own. My thought process is when the elastic is worn out, it is tired looking, it is misshapen, torn, or is missing pieces, or, most importantly, if it doesn’t feel right or makes you feel bad it is time for a new bra.

We are professional bra fitters and we are here to make you look your best. We will work with you find the size that works best for you but also the styles and shapes that will highlight your figure to its best advantage. Treat yourself to a bra fitting and a new bra you love and one that you are excited about wearing. No one deserves it more.

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