Styles Defined

Bra Styles Defined:

  1. Back Closure:  Bras or bustiers specially designed to wear under low back tops.
  2. Balconette/Balcony:  A bra that closes in the back typically with two rows of hook and eye closures and three adjustment levels.
  3. Boning:  With straps which are wider apart than normal and a square neckline, this underwire bra lifts the bust to create a full cleavage effect. Also know as a demi cup.
  4. Bustier: A fashionable compromise between a bra and a merrywidow, this style extends towards the waist for an added touch of seduction. Additional features may include detachable garters, flexible boning, optional shoulder straps, and a lace-up closing.
  5. Cami Top:  Made of microfiber, this camisole-looking shapewear gives a seamless, toned look under knits. It gives very light control and is a perfect solution for sheer, form-fitting tops in order to reveal the least amount of lines or seams.

  6. Clear Straps:  A bra with discreet clear straps. Use made out of plastic or vinyl.

  7. Corset:  Boned and close fitting. It is almost always hooked and laced. It begins either above or just below the bust and extends down to the waist or below the hips. Usually garters are attached at its base.

  8. Demi Cup:  This style offers less coverage for a more provocative cleavage. Ideal for wearing under low cut necklines or skimpy tops. The shoulder straps are also set farther apart. Also called Shelf bra.

  9. Front Closure: A bra that closes in the front with either a plastic barrel closure or a hook and eye closure.

  10. Full Cup:  The cup fully embraces the breast creating a V-shape neckline, maximum coverage and support. This style is particularly suited for larger cup sizes and for wearing under clinging tops as it gives a defined shape.

  11. Liquid or Air Filled:  A technologically advanced padding that enhances your bust size. Available in wither a liquid or more lightweight air pocket.

  12. Long Line: A midriff-slimming bra with to-the-waist panels for extra smoothing. This can offer the shaping of a corset.
  13. Maternity/Nursing: Bras that have a drop cup or zip cup to allow you to breastfeed at any time without taking your bra off.
  14. Merrywidow:  Similar to a bustier, the merrywidow reaches down to the hips and comes with underwire cups or corset-like boning. Ideal under a bridal gown, it may also function as a garter belt and feature detachable straps.
  15. Minimizer: This style is designed for larger cup sizes to reduce the bust by up to three inches. It is ideal for wearing under front fastened tops like shirts to avoid gaping buttons and to create a smoother, more streamlined silhouette.
  16. Multiway/Convertible:  Totally or partially detachable straps can be arranged in a variety of combinations to hide under various tops i.e. Halter, scoopback, or cross backed.
  17. Padded: A light layer of padding provides a defined shape and enhanced support. The padding may also function as a bust enhancer depending on its shape and thickness. Padding is sometimes removable.
  18. Plunge/Décolleté:  This style literally plunges your breasts together for a bossted cleavage effect. Ideal under V-necks. This style always features an underwire.
  19. Push-up: This style maximizes your cleavage by pushing the breast together and upwards to achieve a full round shape. This type of bra is usually combined with balconette or plunge bra styles, and can be enhanced by padding, gel or air inserts.

  20. Racerback: This bra is named after racing swimsuits that also have straps meeting in a "V" shape on the back between the shoulder blades. This bra style is an excellent solution for sleeveless tops. It also prevents straps from slipping off the shoulders.
  21. Seamed:  Any bra that has seams running though the cup. A seamed bra tends to give more support than a seamless bra.

  22. Seamless/Sculpted/Contour/Molded/Smooth: This style boasts a natural shape and enhanced comfort as well as a smooth look under tight tops. Eradicates nipple contours.
  23. Soft Cup/Bralette: A bra with a molded cup and no underwire or padding.
  24. Sports:  A combination of comfort and functionality strategically designed to support and protect your breast during exercise. Available in different grades to cater all levels of activity and a wide range of sizes to fit all bust sizes.

  25. Strapless/Bandeau: A bra specially designed to support the breast without the help of straps. When detachable straps are provided this bra can be transformed into a multiway. The bandeau version has concealed underwires or no wires at all.

  26. Teddy: A camisole and panty combined into one piece. It can be fitted to the body or loose.

  27. Triangle: The cup has a triangular shape and can have underwires or no wires. This style is usually only available in smaller cup sizes where the support is minimal.

  28. T-Shirt: Seamless cups provide a supper smooth effect under clinging tops. Choose a padded style to avoid nipple contours and a little more support.

  29. Underwire: Bras with sewn-in molded wiring that runs underneath the breast in each bra cup. This support feature helps to lift, separate and shore up the bustline for better shape and extra support- especially for full-figured women. The underwire can now be a flexible wire, a plastic coated piece of metal, or a molded plastic shape.

Panty Styles Defined
  1. Bikini: A panty whose waistband rests below the navel, and on the hips. Usually has a high-cut leg line. The sides can be anything from a string to a thicker side panel. Back coverage depends on the style of the bikini.
  2. Body Briefer:  A panty that has a snap crotch (also called a gusset closure) and a control panel at the tummy for support.
  3. Boyshorts: Reminiscent of hot pants, this style brief has legs that come to the top of the thigh. The waist sits low on the hips, and the back has full coverage. It is usually seamed in the center front and back for definition. Worn under hip-hugger style bottoms or short skirts to give a smooth line from waist to hip.

  4. Brief: A panty whose waistband rests at or just below the navel, provides full back coverage, and may have a high-cut leg.

  5. Full Coverage: Total coverage with the comfort of microfiber and cotton.
  6. Garter:  A strap hanging from garter belt or bustier to support stockings (not pantyhose).
  7. Garter Belt: A belt worn around the waist with four clips or garters to keep stockings (not pantyhose) up and in place.
  8. G-String:  Consists of a small front panel held to the body entirely with strings. Worn to prevent panty lines under tight-fitting garments. Less coverage than a thong.
  9. Gussett Closure: The name given to a hook and eye or snap crotch closure. Usually seen in body briefer
  10. High Leg/High: Cut This style is high cut at the sides which elongates the look of your legs. Offers full coverage in back. Also called French Cut.
  11. Low Rise/Hipsters: This style sits low on the sides and is ideal under low rise pants and skirts.
  12. Panties/Briefs: Classic design that offers full coverage to the front and back.
  13. Seamless:  The latest technology in knitwear brings the smoothest underwear ever and makes visible seams a thing of the past.
  14. String Bikini: A bikini panty with a high cut leg line, thin string sides and full back coverage.
  15. Thong: Ideal for a smooth line under tight pants. If it’s even less coverage you are after, then opt for a G-string with simple strings at the sides and rear.

Fabric Defined
  1. Chiffon: A very lightweight, sheer material with a plain weave usually made from silk.
  2. Cotton:  A natural fiber from the cotton plant, which is soft to touch and allows the skin to breathe.
  3. Elastane:  An alternative name for spandex.
  4. Embroidery:  Either a hand or machine embellishment of a fabric which adds colors, texture, and design.
  5. Filigree:  Delicate and intricate detailing usually in metallic thread.
  6. Gossamer:  A gauze-like fabric of the very finest texture.
  7. Jacquard:  A fabric which has a design woven onto it in a different color or texture.
  8. Keyhole: Design detail usually on the back of a panty or thong which resembles a keyhole.
  9. Linen:   A fabric made of fibers from the flax plant. Very cool and absorbent but can crease easily. Is often blended with manufactured fibers.
  10. Lycra: A strong and durable synthetic fiber. It is usually blended with other fabrics to produce a lightweight, stretchy material which holds its shape.

  11. Mesh:  A net-like material, often sheer and invisible under clothes.

  12. Microfiber:  A fine synthetic fiber with enhanced washability, breathability, and water repellency. It is incredibly soft and comfortable as it fits the body shape well.

  13. Nylon: Very strong and with excellent resilience, this hard wearing fabric was the first ever completely synthetic fiber produced.

  14. Opaque:  A fabric which is neither translucent nor transparent.

  15. Polyamide: The alternative name for nylon. 

  16. Polyester: A popular fabric used for lingerie as it is strong, stretchy and extremely resilient. Quick Drying.

  17. Rayon: A regenerated cellulose fiber.

  18. Scallop: A decorative edging made up of semicircular curves.

  19. Sheer: A very thin, fine, and transparent fabric.

  20. Spandex: A synthetic fabric with incredibly high elasticity.

  21. Tactel:  A form of nylon with a silkier, softer finish. It is also lightweight and quick drying.

  22. Tulle: A fine net of silk, nylon and rayon.

  23. Viscose: The alternative name for rayons