The Back Fat Crisis (BFC)

July 26, 2019


I am sure you have all thought it, “I can’t stand when a bra is tight because my ‘back fat’ will show”. In an effort to correct the back fat, you wear the wrong size bra to make sure you have a smooth back. However, do you ever look at the front of you after that? You have boobs that are down by your waist or hanging to the sides. This makes you look fuller, not to mention, all the strain you are putting on your shoulders and breast tissue. So you solved the problem of back fat but you created many other issues. Pain and suffering for the benefit of a smooth back is not the answer.


Let me tell you something ladies, EVERYONE has back fat. It should be embraced and celebrated. I have never heard so many complaints about a part of the body that you literally never see. I call it the Back Fat Crisis (BFC). BFC is a manufactured crisis to sell you more bras. Over the years it has been brought to your attention that you have back “fat”. There really is no such thing. It just happens to be muscle that is extremely hard to build up. I remember when I was younger looking for bras, this area of the body was not even mentioned. It was just a fact of wearing a bra. Even being in this industry for over 15 years, I have seen the BFC evolve so much that their are companies that are dedicated to solving the crisis. 


I am here to say that there should not be such a crisis. Large or small, tall or short, every customer of ours has back fat. Let’s celebrate it. Most people have it because they were SUCCESSFUL in losing weight and everyone else has it because that muscle is near impossible to define and make slender. To me, back fat is a celebration of life. It is full of all your successes, celebrations, and even some failures and sorrow. It is a part of you and more than likely will never go away. It certainly will never go away in an ill-fitting bra. Sure we do sell some of the BFC bras in our store because we can’t solve everyone’s body image issue over back fat, but we certainly try. Also the right fitting bra, believe it or not, minimizes back fat not maximizes it. When the bra fits right everything falls into place in the front and back of your body.


In reality, no one is ever going to come up to you and say, have you gained back fat lately? Or your bra looks small because you have excess back fat. And if they do, you need to get rid of those toxic people in your life. If you ever see someone with back fat, which will be every employee of In the Mood Intimates, you should look at them with goddess like admiration that they look thinner, stand straighter, and have unbelievable self-confidence because they are wearing the right fitting bra without the issue of worrying about back fat.


So embrace your inner goddess and do not focus on the back fat. You never see it, you never feel it, and you do not need to be spending time trying to find it. It is a part of you and it is the most gorgeous thing I see on every customer. Patience, you will get to that thought process one day too. I promise.




(back fat goddess!)

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